Free Trader Abanshi Salver

Character Template

After watching her home world be destroyed and wandering for over a thousand years alone, the invitation to join a Free Trader crew seemed like something fun to do for this Abanshi.  Since joining the crew she's seen some things that time has never shown her (like Human punk rock music), so this may be worth her time... for at least another century if these fools don't get her killed.

The common Free Trader Abanshi is good at a little of everything because of their centuries of wandering alone.  Most of them can use weapons or pilot vehicles from any race, and are impressive engineers.  These characters are commonly seen with Free Trader crews as special contractors or working as part of a special team, but Abanshi are never seen in groups.  Politely dismissing themselves from a room (or sometimes the whole planet) when another Abanshi is nearby, they never stay together for long because they believe the thing that destroyed their world is hunting them to extinction.

Abanshi are incredible pilots and masters of "telemechanics" (the psychic art of speaking to machines).  All of them know how valuable and rare they are, so their services always come at a premium.

Players who choose to play an Abanshi should remember that they are ancient and wise, but hardened and independent.  They all know their days are numbered, so they work to make the best of what time they have left.

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