Brood Mutator

Character Template

Brood Mutators are large Broodlings up to 5 meters tall that act as bio-engineers.  These characters mutate living creatures into hideous monstrosities that serve the will of the Brood.


The common Brood Mutator is large, but has a staggering command of her sisters and the slaves around her.  Highly respected by her kin, just one Mutator could grow a city given enough time, or equip a single sister with enough biological gear and weaponry that she could take on a small army by herself.


Preferring to remain behind friendly lines close to a nest, the Mutators are surprisingly shy for their size and strength; relying only on their assembled menagerie when defending the nest or made to venture from it.


Players who choose to play a Brood Mutator should always keep in mind that these characters love new and exciting life forms to enslave and reverse engineer.  If it has unique features, you can guarantee a Mutator will instruct its sisters to collect it.

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