Brood Scout & Minions

Scout Character Template

Scouts are Human-sized Broodlings who are trusted to wrangle and babysit Minions, the lowest social order of the Brood.  Scouts act a psychic network, connecting large groups of Brood together across vast distance using only their mind.


The common Brood Scout is focused on leadership skills and skills that help her focus on long range exploration.  Scouts aren't the most lethal of the Brood, but their Minions who follow can number into the dozens; making short work of small squads or unarmed settlements.


Scouts connect themselves psychically to bigger sisters, and act as part of a network of thought that connects the Brood and allows them to work as a single cohesive group.  Despite their low social status, enemies who know how the Brood operates treat them as high value targets, knowing that killing the only Scout nearby will disrupt the network.


Players who choose to play a Scout must remember they will never be alone unless they leave their Minions behind; no easy feat when you have dozens of little sisters.  Sometimes keeping them all in check is an entire story unto itself.

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Minion Character Template

Minions are Human-sized Broodlings who are the lowest social order in the Brood, but -by far- the most populated.  Each nest can have hundreds (or thousands) of Minions that act as fodder or vanguard forces during an infestation.


The common Brood Minion isn't skilled, but is likely connected through a Scout to the network of thought that joins all Broodlings.  Because of this, anything a Minion sees can be broadcast to a Scout and all nearby sisters, making the nation of Minions just as lethal as any other of her kin.


Minions are not usually played by Players in Status Quo, but are used as armies of NPCs that Brood Players may command.

Link is for wrong sheet cuz I haven't done this yet...