Coalition Abanshi Pilot

Character Template

Roaming for centuries alone, hiding in every place that would keep her, this Abanshi was found by the Brood and almost destroyed until she was saved by the Coalition of Unified Planets.  Realizing there was strength in numbers, she joined this relatively new Faction in the hopes that when the Brood comes for her again, she'll be ready.


The common Coalition Abanshi is good at a little of everything because of their centuries of wandering alone.  Most of them can use weapons or pilot vehicles from any race, and are impressive engineers.  These characters are commonly seen with Coalition Special Forces, but Abanshi are never seen in groups.  Always stationed as far apart as they can be, the Coalition keeps Abanshi separate at their request.


Abanshi are incredible pilots and masters of "telemechanics" (the psychic art of speaking to machines).  All of them know how valuable and rare they are, so the Coalition uses them in important roles on the battlefield.


Players who choose to play an Abanshi should remember that they are ancient and wise, but hardened and independent.  They all know their days are numbered, so they work to make the best of what time they have left.

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