Coalition Firian Sapper

Character Template

After the destruction of their home world of Igos, many Firian wanted to get back at the Brood and signed up for combat duty almost immediately.  No stranger to combat now, this character fights to rescue his imprisoned world with big guns and bigger explosions.


The common Coalition Firian has a good cross section of tech and repair skills, along with a healthy dose of combat related skills.  Some of them are scouts and recon, but all rely heavily on their incredible natural healing factor to make up for their less than stellar fighting abilities compared to other races.  These characters are commonly seen with everywhere in the Coalition.


Firian serve the Coalition in a variety of ways, and are seen across the galaxy in combat teams and maintenance crews alike.  Most are good companions, even if now and again they get homesick and salty.


Players who choose to play a Coalition Firian Sapper should remember that they have a penchant for blowing things up a little too close, and having little regard for themselves because of their incredible natural healing.  Set one on watch and he'll stay his post for days.

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