Coalition Human Xenobiologist

Character Template

When his home colony was destroyed by the Brood, this Human did everything he could to learn about the things that destroyed his home.  Becoming an expert in alien biology, culture, and weaponry, he worked tirelessly to know everything that goes bump in the night so no one else would lose their home on his watch.

The common Coalition Human Xenobiologist has a good cross section of medical skills, including Biology, Diagnose Illness, and Surgery.  Most of them solid weapons training and well rounded leadership skills as well.  These characters are commonly seen everywhere in the Coalition as a minority; outnumbered by other races they are often placed in command of.

Humans serve a variety of roles the Coalition, from soldiers and commanders on the front lines to diplomats, scientists, and engineers.  

Players who choose to play a Coalition Human Xenobiologist should be willing to learn everything they can about anything not Human.  Knowledge is key to these characters, and they'll brave anything for answers.

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