Coalition Miliari medic

Character Template

Watching the news from a hundred worlds every day can be a challenge, but when more worlds began falling to the Brood, this Miliari couldn't just keep watching; it left its home and joined the Coalition.  This Miliari has seen many things and healed many wounds, and no longer watches the war from a distance.

The common Coalition Miliari is a citizen of the Miliari Republic, but also an enlisted soldier in the Coalition trained for combat.  Most of them are more focused on medical or engineering than combat, they have enough training with weapons and psychic combat to hold their own against many threats.  These characters are commonly seen everywhere in the Coalition, just as active on their social media accounts as they are are on the battlefield.

Besides being brilliant engineers or doctors, some Miliari are powerful psychics trained in combat and military tactics.  Every Miliari has the potential to become a powerful psychic, even though their bodies are incredibly weak.


Players who choose to play a Coalition Miliari should remember that they are learning to be more social and even try to be friendly and even helpful to anyone except the Gik.  They are more comfortable with machines and technology than anyone other than another Miliari, but are always welcome when something (or someone) needs to be fixed.

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