Coalition Rogga Heavy Support

Character Template

Not every Rogga finds a war-band so easily.  This Rogga could not find a place among his kin, so he sought out a new warlord and joined the Coalition of Unified Planets.  He has made a new war-band of his own, worthy of his respect.

Common Coalition Rogga lean heavily toward combat and recovery based skills, including Heavy Weapons and Demolitions.  Most of them aren't very focused on social, but can become very charismatic when leading a pack of troops in heavy warfare.  These characters are commonly seen with Coalition teams as shock troops and mobile artillery.

Along with being gun happy, mayhem causing warriors, some Rogga have adapted a deep spiritual side, focused on broadening the mind and spirit.  These Monks practice psychic arts and healing to serve the Coalition by teaching other races how to interact with Rogga without seeming weak or inferior.

Players who choose to play a Rogga heavy should remember these characters are not suited to being social or too talkative; but they will be the first into combat and even encourage simple situations to become violent.  Having a Rogga in your squad may be an invitation to conflict, but they are the toughest friends to have at your back.

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