Free Trader Firian Mechanic

Character Template

When their home world of Igos was overrun by the Brood, most Firian were given a choice: become refugees or join the military and fight.  This Firian hates fighting, but really loves to eat, so a Free Trader ship became his new home.  If it breaks, he'll fix it well enough to not get fired.

The common Free Trader Firian has a good cross section of tech and repair skills, and will spend days working if left alone.  Some of them are focused on combat, but rely heavily on their incredible natural healing factor to make up for their less than stellar fighting abilities compared to other races.  These characters are commonly seen with Free Trader crews or working in teams of steadfast mechanics.

Firian serve Free Trader crews in a variety of ways, and are seen across the galaxy in waystations and outposts looking for a new home.  Most are good companions, even if now and again they get homesick and salty.

Players who choose to play a Free Trader Firian should remember that they aren't the best at anything, but can survive what many other races could not because of their incredible natural healing.  Pay them an honest day's wage and they'll work til their fingers bleed, heal, and bleed again.

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