Free Trader Gik Merchant

Character Template

He wasn't born rich or famous, so this Gik left his home colony and set out into the universe wide eyed and hopeful.  It didn't take long for his mouth to get him in trouble, so it was probably a good thing a ship of Free Traders took him in and gave him a job selling the things they steal or find.  His mouth still gets him into trouble, but now he has a crew to back him up.

The common Free Trader Gik Merchant has a solid set of Skills and Classes related to being social.  Most of them aren't focused at all on combat, preferring to talk their way out (and back into) trouble.  These characters are commonly seen with Free Trader crews hocking questionable goods for a reasonable price.

Being a Merchant is one of many jobs the Gik find on Free Trader vessels.  Some lend their talents as pilots, while others make their living trading in slaves from any race or finding the rarest of minerals and selling them off at a premium.

Players who choose to play a Gik Merchant should remember that talking is an art form, and this character spends every minute of the day practicing... If the other players don't kill the Gik or tape its mouth shut, he could help them make a whole lot of money.

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