Free Trader Human Hacker

Character Template

Real Name: Unknown
Alias: Sollitaire 

After running away from her home planet, this Free Trader Hacker found herself running with the wrong crowd... and she was totally ok with that.  Since joining her crew she has seen the galaxy and stolen a lot of money; without ever having to fire a shot (she lets her crew-mates handle all the rough stuff).

The common Free Trader Hacker has a good cross section of programming related skills, including Hacking and System's Operations.  Most of them aren't very focused on weapons, but know enough to survive if a fight breaks out.  These characters are commonly seen with Free Trader crews or working alone on whatever big score they can get their digital fingers around.

Besides being all about cracking networks and breaking banks, many hackers also find themselves working for Free Trader ships to protect their vessels from other hackers and network intrusion.  A lot of money can be made writing firewalls for pirates, and reputation is everything.

Players who choose to play a hacker should remember that they aren't the first into combat; in fact they typically prefer working from behind the scenes as researchers and secret agents who hold the keys to every door, and know everyone's dirty secrets.

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