Free Trader Miliari Engineer

Character Template

Every Miliari in the universe is connected to the Miliari Data-Net, like a vast social network where every one has a voice.  It is a great shame to be "disconnected", but this Miliari Free Trader has made the best of his situation.  If it can build a reputation and erase its shame, this Miliari may find a way to rejoin the Republic.

The common Free Trader Miliari may not be disconnected, but all of them are competent engineers and technicians or medics.  Most of them aren't very focused on weapons, but likely have enough psychic talent to defend themselves.  These characters are commonly seen with Free Trader crews or working in contracted groups of Miliari technicians.

Besides being brilliant engineers or doctors, some Miliari are powerful psychics trained in combat and military tactics.  Every Miliari has the potential to become a powerful psychic, even though their bodies are incredibly weak.

Players who choose to play a Free Trader Miliari should remember that they aren't social or even friendly to anyone but their own without earning their trust.  They are more comfortable with machines and technology than anyone other than another Miliari, but are always welcome when something (or someone) needs to be fixed.

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