The spiffy description:

Status Quo: Chronicles of a Universe at War is an ever expanding
 video game where players fight to control a growing online universe . Choose from seven races with unique strengths and weaknesses to save entire worlds or mercilessly devour them. Explore the first seven massive open planets with unique challenges and threats as you fight to unlock the mysteries of the Brood before your galaxy is destroyed. Jam out on multiplayer sims or hone your skills in single player challenges with seven unique game types including huge skirmishes and objective based first person, third person, and vehicle based missions.

The game itself:

We are working to create a game that is a combination of Battlefield, Twisted Metal (IN SPACE!), with open world single player campaigns for each of the races. We are working on FPS/TPS Deathmatch style gameplay, with elements of first person MOBAs for our "Storm" game mode, and camera switching RTS party and NPC control.

Sounds crazy for an indie team, right?

We have spaceflight mechanics tested and working clean, and are integrating 1st/3rd person character controllers now along with UI and gameplay testing. The project, despite its size, is currently over 60% complete; with assets for over 100 civilians, 40 playable characters, 20 vehicles, 35 building types, 3 planet size completed environments (with 4 more on the way), 12 completed multiplayer maps, hundreds of code assets, complete original music, dozens of written campaign missions, and multiplayer and VR support under construction.

No really...

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Status Quo: Chronicles of a Universe at War (Video Game)