Shrouded from the eyes of everyday people, a war rages across the universe to protect the innocent from an alien hunger.  Status Quo: Chronicles is a science fiction action roleplaying game where players take part in their own custom Chronicles of a Universe at War.  

Includes complete rules for gameplay, compelling science fiction, stunning original art, and a fast paced original D20 System.

7 Races:

With rules for over 60 Character Classes, 60 Psionic Arts, 20 starting vehicles, 45 starting weapons.  These rules have been totally re-worked to support and supplement our video game project under construction.  

490 pages, available only in PDF.  

Become a part of the Status Quo.


Available February 22nd here, or on Drive-Thru RPG:

Orders made here will be sent an email with a download link and a separate email that includes a custom password for DRM.  Please allow up to 2 business days for your order to be processed.


Status Quo: The Roleplaying Game 5th Edition

SKU: SQ5-01
  • Available February 22nd, 2018 to the public (earlier for our Patreon folks), this huge PDF is 490 pages, full color, and includes the Core rules and story for playing the starting 7 Races with engrossing science fiction and mind-blowing original art for table-top roleplayers of any skill level.