Free Trader Rogga Heavy

Character Template

Cast out from his war-band after challenging the Warlord and losing, this Rogga found his fortune among a crew of pirates with a leader who was worthy.  Travelling the galaxy didn't matter, only the next mission and the glory it brings.

Common Free Trader Rogga lean heavily toward combat and recovery based skills, including Heavy Weapons and Demolitions.  Most of them aren't very focused on social, but can become very charismatic when leading a pack of hungry warriors.  These characters are commonly seen with Free Trader crews or working in small war-bands of heavily armed mercenaries.

Along with being gun happy, mayhem causing warriors, some Rogga have adapted a deep spiritual side, focused on broadening the mind and spirit.  These Monks practice psychic arts and healing to serve a war-band in important ways that aren't just in battle.


Players who choose to play a Rogga heavy should remember these characters are not suited to being social or too talkative; but they will be the first into combat and even encourage simple situations to become violent.  Having a Rogga on your side may be annoying sometimes, but NOT having one on your side can be hazardous to your health.

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