Triples_0004_Layer 2
Wing 5
Byrne3 Arthas
Gale Interior_0001_Layer 21
Gale Interior_0021_Layer 1
Gale Interior_0013_Layer 9
SPACE_0013_Layer 6
Group COA2
Moon Base_0022_Layer 13
Training_0001_Layer 4
Range_0003_Layer 2
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The SQ Project is one man's insane dream to turn a pen and paper role-playing game into a video game.  

The SQ Project is divided into three branches:


We serve our community by hosting game development streams at , and tutoring students who are not able to attend higher education classes, teaching them industry standard tools for use in video games, television, and film.  We built the SQ Project because nobody took us seriously, and from those humble beginnings we have helped over 200 students from 20 countries learn skills they have used to land jobs in the industry or start big projects of their own. By becoming a Patron, you can help us continue to educate students who cannot afford higher education, or who cannot hold standard-issue jobs in the game design community due to accessibility requirements, geographical location, or socio-economic status.