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Streaming game design and indie game development

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10pm CST

Out now!

Status Quo: Chronicles of a Universe at War

5th Edition Core Roleplaying Game

Shrouded from the eyes of everyday people, a war rages across the universe to protect the innocent from an alien hunger. Status Quo is a hard military science fiction roleplaying game where players take part in any one of the Chronicles of a Universe at War.  Includes complete rules for gameplay, engrossing science fiction, original art, and an original D20 System.

7 Races:
Abanshi, Brood, Firian, Gik, Human, Miliari, Rogga

With rules for over 60 Character Classes, 60 Psionic Arts, 20 starting vehicles, 45 starting weapons. 

490 pages, available in PDF.  Hard copy available in 2018.

Become a part of the Status Quo.

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Available Now!

Soundtrack of a Universe at War

Both volumes of the soundtrack from the SQ Project, including over two hours of original music.

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SQ Project T-shirts are here!

Everywhere you go make a statement that every gamer knows:

Home is where the respawn is.

These shirts are 100% cotton, short sleeved, and available in the color that matches everything: black.

Proceeds from shirt sales go to the Status Quo Project,

to help us educate game development students around the world,

visit events, and spread the word.

Miffed Kitty Press is a full service studio dedicated to 2D and 3D art production, visual effects, game design, and virtual reality research and development.  


We serve our community by educating students who are not able to attend higher education classes, teaching them industry standard tools for use in video games, television, and film.  

We built the SQ Project because nobody took us seriously, and from those humble beginnings we have helped students from 9 countries learn skills they have used to land jobs in the industry or start big projects of their own.





By becoming a Patron, you can help us educate more students who cannot afford higher education, or who cannot hold standard-issue jobs in the game design community due to accessibility requirements or geographical location.

Help us out and get access to early releases and huge rewards.